The Most Convenient
Way to Send Money to
emq send ios appemq send android app
emq send ios appemq send android app
No more queueing! Transfer money anytime using the EMQ SEND App with just a few taps.
EMQ SEND provides multiple pay in & pay out options for your convenience, keeping your remittance hassle free!
Our technology and business partnerships ensure your money is safe and secure, end to end.
We keep international money transfers low-cost and without hidden fees, helping you save money as well as time.
How It Works
Download the EMQ SEND App from the App Store or Google Play. Register with your phone number and provide your details.
Select a receiving country and enter the sending amount. Add a recipient and request a transfer.
Pay for your remittance through convenience stores or to an EMQ SEND designated account (SCSB Virtual Account).
EMQ SEND will send your money to the recipient's bank account, e-wallet, or cash pickup/delivery location, and notify you when the transfer is done.
Methods of Transfer
Send money from:
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
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Send money to:
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Japan
Pay-in option:
ibon at 7-ELEVEN
Making a payment through ibon at 7-ELEVEN is simple. Create an ibon transfer on your EMQ SEND App, take your phone to any 7-ELEVEN store and scan your payment QR code at the ibon machine. Confirm the payment details, take the payment slip from the ibon machine, and pay the full amount at the 7-ELEVEN counter.
Hi-Life Payment
To make a payment at Hi-Life is very easy. Create a Hi-Life transfer on your EMQ SEND App, take your phone to any Hi-Life store and the teller will scan the transfer's barcode. Pay the amount in full and don't forget to keep your receipt!
SCSB Virtual Account
Easy deposit to EMQ SEND’s virtual account at SCSB. Simply transfer money to the designated account number shown on the EMQ SEND App through an ATM, bank, or online banking transfer.
Pay-out option:
Bank Account
We offer remittance service to accounts at all major banks in Indonesia with competitive rates and low remittance fees to bring you the most value for your transfers.
Case Pickup
With tens of thousands of branches at Bank Central Asia (BCA) and post offices (Pos Indonesia) nationwide in Indonesia where your recipients can easily travel to and pick up the money you send effortlessly.
Start sending money with EMQ SEND’s competitive rate now!